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Why have an
Employee Benefits program?

Help achieve HR strategic targets
Help improve staff retention and acquisition
Help improve employee morale
Reduce recruitment and training costs
Support employer of choice status
Demonstrate differentiated workplace practices
İEmployee Benefits Program

Employee Performance Recognition Reward Program

This is a great way to reward employees for performance outcomes.

Our Employee Rewards Programs are tailored to our clients requirements. The following provides some of the key features that may be included:

  • Streamlined and secure management:
    • Secure on-line allocation of rewards by authorised officers.
    • Secure on-line redemption of rewards by employees.
  • Financial outcomes:
    • Cost savings - rewards are paid for at wholesale and not retail prices, saving around 15% to 25%.
    • Improved cash flow - rewards are paid for on redemption of rewards by employees and not on allocation.
    • Reduced HR administration costs and improved controls.

  • Program structure:
    • Tailored and branded to our client's requirements.
    • Employees can receive notification of rewards electronically or by way of branded rewards certificate hand delivered in team meeting.
    • Rewards can be structured with a defined period for redemption or can have an unlimited redemption period.
    • Frequent reports at company and cost centre levels.
    • Program reports can be at a department, division and whole of company basis.
    • You will have a dedicated relationship manager who will know every aspect of your program.

  • Redemption of rewards
    • Employee logs onto the secure client branded rewards website.
    • The employee's balance of rewards allocated is clearly shown as is the rewards redemption value for each product.
    • The employee can choose to:
      • Redeem against one or more products up to the balance of their available rewards.
      • Accumulated sufficient rewards to redeem against their chosen product.
      • Redeem against a product with a higher value than their rewards balance and pay for the difference.
      • The redeemed products are despatched to the employees nominated address.
  • Products available for redemption:
    • There are in excess of 20,000 individual products for employees to choose from. The products are from major brand name suppliers and are designed to satisfy all needs.